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Custom Iron Works

Solis Iron Works Corp. offers custom ornamental iron works and decorative iron works such as fences,  railings, gates, staircases, balcony railings, balconies, and more to the Miami area and beyond.

Our architectural iron specialists work with homeowners, custom builders, home decorators, and business owners to create one-of-a-kind iron creations, which can be of modern or antique design.

About us

We provide work that will be safe and sturdy for the building but at the same time we make it a priority to create a budget and fabricate the vision of the architect and contractors vision. Note that we understand working with a projected plan, and a set timeline.


At Solis Iron Works Corp. we work with residential & commercial customers. We work with mass production, custom work for special events. We make railings, spiral staircases, driveway gates and entry doors. We work with traditional wrought iron to stainless steel railings with glass.

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We provide work that will be safe and sturdy for the building but at the same time we make it a priority to create a budget and fabricate the vision of the architect and contractors vision. Note that we understand working with a projected plan, and a set timeline.


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We offer a variety of exclusive designs and skillfully finished spiral staircases, fences, gates, handrails and custom ornamental work. Our interior… read more



Solis Iron Works Corp. provides high quality ornamental work in the commercial / multi- family development. We work with architects and general… read more



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98% of our clients would recommend our services to others. Find out what their testimonials say:

Very Punctual

I wanted to thank you all for having my fence delivery on time. The job was very well finished, and the design is truly a work of art.

Michael C.
Home Owner


My experience with Estate Metals was outstanding! I felt as if they were not only concerned with selling me the custom made door design but they were also concerned with my security and needs. I would definitely refer them!!

Stacey A.
Higher Education

Very Satisfied

Wonderful customer service, thank you!

David V.
Service Technician

Great Detail!

I had worked with different metal fabricators before and by far this was the best customer service. From the start someone met with me immediately and presented several options for my husband and I. Through the project I was welcomed to pass the shop several times to see the work because I am very detailed, and the men who came out for installation were very cautious with my garden

Sandra M.

Very Pleased

We needed a railing for our home, we went to the shop and were able to see the material in person. We looked at several designs, shapes and shades of paint. The team took time to go over the different choices we made and gave us the pros and cons for everything. We appreciated their patience and recommendations and our railings looked beautiful.

Charlene J.
Home Owner


What I liked the most about Estate Metals was the consistent high quality service and work. The final product was very sturdy and the finish was great

Albert F.
Home Owner


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Here are just a few reasons:

Project done on time

Our team will do all your projects on time ad well within the budget. You can be safe and certain about that with our company.

Always avaliable

We’re there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any questions you might have about your project or our work.

Professional and responsible

You can always lean onto Solis Iron Works Corp. Our team of professionals will help you turn your dream vision or new construction into reality.


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Office: 305-264-1933
4620 SW 75th Avenue
Miami, Florida USA 33155

Why Us?

Solis Iron Works Corp. specializes in residential and commercial work. Solis Iron Works Corp. will help you from the concept stage all the way through completion. Our mission is to build relationships by providing excellence through quality and service.

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