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We provide work that will be safe and sturdy for the building but at the same time we make it a priority to create a budget and fabricate the vision of the architect and contractors vision. Note that we understand working with a projected plan, and a set timeline. Erates vitae node metus. S node metus. Suspendisse est gravida ornare. Erates vitae node metus. Suspendisse est gravida ornare.

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4620 SW 75th Avenue

Miami, FL 33155, United States





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Monday – Friday 7AM-4PM

Office: 305-264-1933
4620 SW 75th Avenue
Miami, Florida USA 33155

Why Us?

Solis Iron Works Corp. specializes in residential and commercial work. Solis Iron Works Corp. will help you from the concept stage all the way through completion. Our mission is to build relationships by providing excellence through quality and service.

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